What's in our tool rolls?

What's in our tool rolls?

I just recently found an old Sackville Toolroll and decided to start using it. We don't make em anymore (too expensive and a little too complicated), but I thought it would be fun to take a survey of what everybody carries.

Here's mine, an old Sackville toolroll. Pretty basic contents: A patch kit, a multi-tool, tire levers and a tube. I voilé strap this thing under my saddle.

The Hobson Zingo Cussin' patch kits are the best because the patches are smaller. I always had a hard time gluing the REMA patches down on skinnier tubes.

Sergio's here. Basic-n-good. I think Steph, his wife, made this roll.

Antonio is prepared; look at all those bits! He even carries a crescent wrench.

Rich's kit. He keeps it all in a BagBoy.

I used to carry dynaplugs but I had no idea how to use them. Roman is smart and carries the instructions.

I think it's interesting that Mark, the head mechanic, carries the least amount of stuff. He doesn't even have a patch kit, just a tube, a couple of tire boots and a rusty 6mm allen. 

Calvin is the only one using Co2. He puts this kit into a toptube bag on his Susie.

James's tidy kit.

That name tag is from when Blue Lug visted us. I bet Grant realized he was still wearing it while they were out on a ride in Shell Ridge and stuffed  it into his BananaSack, where it'll live from now on. It's always good to have a nametag handy anyway, just in case.

Grant found another, more subdued, kit. He just throws it all into the RMW pouch and then that goes into a saddlebag.